Laboratory Testing

You can have your standard (conventional) labs performed at any lab that you choose. We typically use Laboratory Northwest, LabCorp or Quest.

We offer a number of alternative labs as well. The following are the labs we run frequently and the cost for each one. Price may change before website is updated. You will pay the lab directly when you perform your test. Some labs will bill your insurance and your portion may be less than the amount listed below.

  • Adrenal Testing (Diagnostechs) $79-$120
  • Food allergy testing (US Biotek) IgG x 96 foods, IgE x 16 foods $219
  • Food allergy testing (US Biotek) IgG x 96 foods $169
    Heavy Metal Testing (Doctor’s Data) $79-$99
  • Neurotransmitter testing (Pharmasan) $
  • Organic Acids Urine test (Great Plains Laboratory) $299
  • Organic Acids Urine test (Genova) $369
  • Toxic Screen (Great Plains Laboratory) $